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VALIDATE® Tumor Markers

Tumor Markers
2 Configurations to meet your Calibration Verification Needs
Order Nº Volume Storage Insert SDS
406bc 5x3mL -10° to -25°C INSERT SDS
406re 5x3mL -10° to -25°C INSERT SDS
Analyte Name
Beckman Coulter Unicel DxI / Access
ORDER Nº 406bc
Roche cobas®
ORDER Nº 406re
FPSA Free Prostate-Specific Antigenng/mL 0.005 - 200.03 - 50
Total PSA Total Prostate-Specific Antigenng/mL 0.008 - 1500.07 - 105

PSA Notes:

  • Not intended for use with complex PSA methods.
Typical ranges or recommended Level usage for products are intended as a guide only.