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Data Analysis & Technical Support

Data Reduction

At LGC Maine Standards, data reduction services are always included with the purchase of VALIDATE® products with no additional charge. Data can be sent to LGC Maine Standards as often as you need:  

  • Six-month checks
  • Retesting
  • Troubleshooting, or
  • After your instrument maintenance.

Completed reports will be returned to you within five business days.

Or, you can instantly analyze your linearity results with our user-friendly data reduction software program, MSDRx®. The software algorithm and data reduction reports are identical to the data reduction services provided by LGC Maine Standards. MSDRx® is extremely easy to use and does not require an internet connection. Simply enter your results into the stand-alone program to instantly view, print and save your linearity reports from your own computer. For peer data, simply send in your MSDRx® file and we will send back your peer report with available peer at that time.

Download our Free Data Reduction Software, MSDRx®

Click on the image to download.

Technical Support

The mission of the Technical Support Group at LGC Maine Standards is to provide the highest standard of technical assistance with every customer interaction. Our goal is to resolve every customer inquiry or concern in an expeditious and professional manner.

To help with this mission, this section of our website includes technical information about our products and services for you. In addition to detailed information about our products and services, our FAQs also include information regarding linearity and calibration verification requirements.  

Lastly, we provide several case studies based on customer requests for examples of results and potential corrective actions. Please use the Customer Feedback Form to let us know how we are doing and whether there is additional information you would like to see here.

About Technical Support Staff

Our technical support personnel at LGC Maine Standards are qualified laboratory professionals, many of whom are Medical Technologists with experience in the Chemistry lab. In addition to the expertise in linearity and calibration verification requirements, LGC Maine Standards' technical support staff are familiar with all VALIDATE® products, data reductions reports, a wide range of analyzers, and the regulations of inspecting agencies.


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