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Automatic.  Annual.  Easy.

With instrument-specific product configurations designed to test your full reportable range, automatic scheduling and shipping, and live, same-day technical support, you’ll spend little time worrying about preparing, testing and ordering materials.

READY-TO-USE LINEARITY SETS: Liquid samples require no reconstitution. Simply add product to your sample cup and run in replicates.

MULTIPLE PRODUCT CONFIGURATIONS: LGC Maine Standards specifically formulates its VALIDATE® product line into specialized configurations with different analyte concentrations that challenge your analyzer’s full reportable range.

EASY-TO-USE FOR RETESTING OR TROUBLESHOOTING: With long, open-vial stability, you’ll have adequate product for repeats or troubleshooting. These are unique samples to have available for troubleshooting since VALIDATE® products challenge your full reportable range.

EQUAL-SPACED LEVELS: Levels 1 through 5 are prepared to create “equal deltas” as recommended by CLSI’s EP06-A guideline for linearity and calibration verification.

ACCREDITATION REQUIREMENTS: Laboratories inspected by all accreditation organizations have successfully used VALIDATE® products to satisfy their linearity and calibration verification requirements, including AMR validation.

CONVENIENT TESTING SCHEDULES: Testing schedules that align with College of American Pathologists' LN Surveys. No gaps. No worries.

QUICK TURNAROUND: Five-business-day turnaround of data reduction means you will quickly be able to identify any possible testing issues — eliminating weeks of potentially inaccurate results.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Guaranteed, same-day technical support responses within normal business hours.




One program.  One sign-up.

Getting started is easy and one sign-up will ensure an entire year of uninterrupted shipping, testing and data analysis.  Just fax back your completed Product Order Form or give us a call today.

To sign up, or for more information, call us at (207) 892-1300 or toll-free at 1-800-377-9684.


VALIDATE® linearity and calibration verification kits are intended for in vitro diagnostic use in the quantitative determination of linearity, calibration verification and verification of reportable range.