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Technical Service Bulletins

LGC Maine Standards offers regular updates on products and activities in order to best serve the growing needs of clinical laboratories. Our technical service bulletins are specifically designed to help you with your needs for linearity and calibration verification, reportable range validation and new instrument performance validation.


18-023:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® hsTNT ro Lot 45AJ24718 test kit.

18-022:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® Heparin se Lot 93AL19418 test kit.

18-021:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® IBC vt Lot 23AN21218 test kit.

18-020:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® Procalcitonin ab Lot 43AH14118 test kit.

18-019:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® D-Dimer se Lot 92AN08518 test kit.

18-018:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® Fibrinogen st Lot 94AD33617 test kit.

18-017:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® Fibrinogen se Lot 94AE33617 test kit.

18-016:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® Fibrinogen il Lot 94AL32617 test kit.

18-015:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® Body Fluids ro Lot 25BH09318 test kit.

18-014:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® GC1 ab Lot 11AG25517 test kit.

18-013:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® PCT ros Lot 43AU11418 test kit.

18-012:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® HbA1c to Lot 65AM32617 test kit.

18-011:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® Ferritin Lot 37AK25817 test kit.

18-010:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® Heparin st Lot 93AJ35617 test kit.

18-009:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® SP1bcs Lot 61AM10618 test kit.

18-008:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® Heparin il Lot 93AC35617 test kit.

18-007:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® Chem 17 Lot 17AR16017 test kit.

18-006:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® SP1bc Lot 61AR16517 test kit.

18-005:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® SP1bcs Lot 61AV28217 test kit.

18-004:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® HbA1c to Lot 65AM32617 test kit.

18-003:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® UC5ri Lot 75AB15617 test kit.

18-002:  Possible 1053 Error Code on Abbott Architect A-ALT Results when using VALIDATE® GC3ab

18-001:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® Tumor Markers sa Lot 47AK24217 test kit.

17-026:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® IBC ro Lot 23BL28217 test kit.

17-025:  LGC Maine Standards' Shipping Protocol.

17-024:  Extended Expiration Dating for VALIDATE® PSA re Lot 46AG06117 test kit.

17-018:  Frost-Free Freezers.

17-010:  General MAPI Failure errors during MSDRx® Emailing Function.

Product Announcements

18-001:  GC3re Kit Improvement

18-002:  TDM1vt - Salicylate Performance Enhancement

18-003:  GC1sv Product Announcement




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