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Data Submission

Data can be submitted from MSDRx®, via email, fax or mail.

To submit data using the MSDRx® software, simply download the program and follow the instructions in the HELP file.

For submissions via email, fax or mail, use our Data Submission Form and save this blank form on your computer for reuse. When ready to submit data, fill in all information and data where required (instructions for completing the Data Submission Form).  Then save the file using the "Save as" menu item.  Use a unique file name that will identify the product used and the date of testing.  Then send us the completed Data Submission Form(s) by email, fax or mail.

Email your completed Data Submission Form(s) as attachments to: msc.datareduction@lgcgroup.com

Fax your completed Data Submission Form(s) to:

Attn:  Data Reduction Department

U.S. Mail:
Mail your completed Data Submission Form(s) to:

LGC Maine Standards
Attn:  Data Reduction Department
221 US Route 1
Cumberland Foreside, ME  04110


The Data Reduction Department will send you an email or fax confirmation of receipt of your data.  Your completed reports will be returned within five business days.




Data Submission Form

Target Calculation Worksheet


Free Data Reduction Software Download: